Blessing has started work at The Dog and Dirk pays her to flirt with Jack to boost his ego. However, Frankie gets jealous and fires Blessing.

Dodger and Sienna see hate-posters and Sienna finally loses her cool and shouts at Tom. Dodger pulls her away, but Tom has managed to steal Sienna’s pills out of her bag during the argument. She later realises her pills are missing and is reaching the edge of desperation.

Fraser suggests to Sandy that they go on their honeymoon – tomorrow! Ste threatens to tell everyone about Fraser, unless he leaves Tegan alone. However, Fraser doesn’t like to be blackmailed and gives Tegan and Ste £20k to leave him alone, forever.

Also, Robbie taunts Jason by reading Holly’s diary in the school-yard – Holly is furious and tells Jason exactly what’s going on and she’s not cheating!