Frankie is pushed to breaking point

Frankie is tormented over what she did to Lindsey, while Joe is troubled over what Darren said about Jack being his dad. Elsewhere, the guilt is killing Ziggy as he watches a numb Lindsey go back to work.

Darren spots Jack and Sandy at the garage, they look close so Darren confronts Sandy and tells her to stay away from his family. Lindsey is heartbroken when Jim tells her the only punishment Frankie will get is a £2,500 fine for dangerous driving. She’s worried when she sees the rage in her fiance’s eyes and is fearful of what he’ll do to the Osbornes.

At The Dog, Joe is disgusted when he sees the Osbournes celebrating Frankie and Jack’s vow renewal. He punches Darren and it doesn’t look like anyone will be able to stop him until Sandy gives him the shock of his life.

Jim is furious when Trevor asks him to sell his half of the club. The barrister tells Trevor that he’ll never hand it over and is insulted when the villain offers him a pound for the business. However, when Trevor shows Jim some damning CCTV footage, he’s silenced for the first time in his life.