Frankie learns the truth

Darren is still trying to persuade Frankie to claim Jack’s life insurance, but she is insisting that Jack’s body be exhumed, after learning Newt planted the bombs in the village. Terrified the truth will come out, Darren meet Jack to ask him to run away with him, but Jack knows it’s not the answer.

Back at The Dog, Frankie apologises to Darren but she did what she had to. As Darren explains it’s not as simple as that, Jack steps out from the shadows to reveal the awful truth.

When Mandy has problems putting together her modelling agency, Louise helps out by offering her The Loft as an office for the day. But working under Warren’s nose quickly causes friction, and Mandy soon begins to despise him. However, she changes her mind after witnessing Warren lending an upset Frankie a shoulder to cry on, in the wake of learning Newt planted the bombs in the Village.

Zoe is shocked to discover that Mike is planning on bringing Amy and Leah along on their holiday. And she’s further irritated when Mike cancels their evening out in favour of staying in with Amy.

Also, Russ accidentally discovers that Caroline is just a postal worker and isn’t impressed at being deceived.

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