Frankie is sad to leave her old life behind as she and Newt move out of The Dog. But Frankie almost loses it when she realises they are not moving into the Ashworths’ big house, but into one of Neville’s skanky flats.

The McQueens say their goodbyes to Tina as her body is brought home. Myra is heartbroken, and Michaela can’t face seeing her sister. Meanwhile, Tony is disgusted with Jacqui after catching her with Mark, but she doesn’t care. Carmel apologises to Jacqui for her outburst yesterday, but when Jacqui shows no interest in going to Tina’s funeral, a livid Carmel slaps her.

After seeing Newt and Lauren’s Guy Fawkes wearing one of Tina’s old jumpers, Michaela finally cracks. Dom consoles her and finds himself in a tricky position when she asks him to read the eulogy at Tina’s funeral. Back at home, Michaela finds the courage to say goodbye to Tina as Dom breaks down.

Gilly is preoccupied with thoughts of Leila and he spruces himself up to meet her. However, he is gutted to find Leila is not alone when he arrives at the union, and is forced to spend the afternoon with Archie and Rhys in tow.

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