Frankie makes her feelings known…

Nancy is upset when Frankie fobs her off when she tries to see Charlie. Nancy later confronts Frankie and is left reeling when Frankie tells her that she is unimpressed about her threesome with Ravi and Kris and doesn’t want her around Charlie. Nancy takes out her frustrations on Jacqui and Russ has to separate them.

Ash shrugs off Leila’s accusations. Leila encourages Justin and persuades him to talk to Hannah again. Suzanne is furious when Ash admits he couldn’t tell Calvin that he saw Justin tampering with the bike and to get himself out of a tight spot he diverts her attention and tells her that former anorexic Hannah hasn’t been eating. Leila tells Hannah she’s certain Ash caused her accident.

Ste is gutted when he discovers that Josh has been allowed to look after Lucas for the day. Daniel encourages Ste to clean up his act and get the flat sorted. Ste decides to have a naming ceremony for Lucas but Josh belittles the idea. Ste is deflated when Josh then refuses to let him see Lucas.

Also, Leila invites Carmel to a Christian Union meeting at the college but Michaela, Mercedes and Malachy ruin things when they try to sell their fake holy water.

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