Frankie seeks comfort in Freddie’s arms!

Frankie is furious when Ziggy finally admits that he didn’t service her car before the accident, but she forgives him when he says how beautiful she is. With her relationship on the rocks, Frankie surprises herself as she seeks comfort in the arms of a family acquaintance. The pair kiss – how far will they go?

Freddie is made to perform a terrifying task as he sets it up so Jim doesn’t show for his date with Carmel. He then heads over to the club, unaware Sinead and Maxine are in the office. With the girls trapped inside, he starts to splash petrol around the premises and lights the match…

Freddie makes a quick exit from The Loft, while Sinead and Maxine try to escape the club office as smoke slowly creeps under the door. Carmel and Dodger spot the fire and raise the alarm, just as Jim appears at his fiance’s side.

Meanwhile, Sienna asks Darren to take the next step when she suggests they find a place of their own, which Darren agrees to.