Jack is becoming frustrated with Frankie’s obvious avoidance of Jake, especially when she decides to leave with Steph before he arrives. To make matters worse, Kris lays into Jake, telling him he’s not fit to walk the streets and he’ll get what’s coming to him. Bumping into Jake in the park, Frankie tries to hide her anxiety over seeing him. And Jake is convinced he’ll never be welcome in Hollyoaks.

Newt tries to explain to Rae about his schizophrenia, and she soon comes round and agrees Newt can stay. Later that night, Newt and Rae are having a laugh together, when Rae asks questions about Eli. It soon turns into a joke and the pair mock Eli.

Newt hears Lauren and runs out to her before she sees Rae but with Eli constantly filling his head with thoughts, Newt turns nasty and quickly receives a slap across the face. Lauren is hurt and after throwing his medication at him, she runs off. Things only get worse for Newt when Rae appears and having heard about Lauren, Anita and Theresa walks off.

Also; Lydia tells Charlotte that she and Sarah planned to go travelling and adopt. Archie arrives at the hospital and leaves angry when Lydia refuses to accept Zoe could be innocent.

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