Frankie’s frantic about Jake

Terrified he may have killed himself, Frankie frantically tries to track down Jake. Meanwhile, Nancy refuses to leave Charlie’s bedside, worried that Jake could return, while Jack asks her if she intentionally left Jake to die. With no news of Jake, Frankie lashes out at Steph, blaming her for everything. Elsewhere, Justin and Nancy call a truce at the hospital and she agrees to let him see Charlie, but his tender moment with his son is shattered by the arrival of a furious Frankie. However, when everyone sides against her, Frankie is forced to admit that Jake has gone off the rails and fears she’ll never see him again. But later that night, Jake emerges from the shadows, looking up at the window of Nancy’s flat… Frustrated by Mercedes’ inability to manage her finances, Jacqui advises her sister to get a decent job or a rich man like Tony. Taking the advice, Mercedes texts Tony to tell him the blackmail price has gone up. Realising Mercedes’ threats are genuine, Tony counts out the cash to pay off her credit cards. But they’re both unaware that Jacqui is watching. Have they been rumbled? Also, Zak attempts to discuss the kiss with Katy but she’s too preoccupied with Justin to listen. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip