Frank’s arrested for rape!

With an encouraging Maria by her side Carla calls the police and accuses Frank of rape. A trained officer arrives to support Carla as she gives an initial account of the assault. But as Carla’s being guided through the process, a cheery Frank walks back into the flat and is seemingly bewildered by the police presence.

As Frank asks what’s going on he’s stunned to be arrested on suspicion of rape. At the station he continues to protest his innocence while an emotionally drained Carla undergoes forensic tests.

Peter arrives at the flat to check on Carla and is stunned to take in the scene. Reeling he informs the police he saw Frank earlier in an agitated state.

Also, back at home a clearly distressed Peter tells Leanne what’s happened back at Carla’s flat. She’s initially concerned about the situation. but as she quizzes Peter on how he became involved, her suspicions about Peter and Carla return.