As Peter worries about Leanne’s fight for custody of Simon he’s not happy that Carla’s planning to attend Frank’s funeral. Insisting she needs to see his body despatched once and for all, Michelle and Maria agree to accompany her to the crematorium where Sally is by Anne’s side. It’s a service full of mixed emotions, but as they file out of the crematorium Anne takes Carla to one side, apologising for what Frank did. Back at the house the wake is sparsely attended as Anne pours out her memories of her son. Meanwhile, Sally finds herself stumbling over some more evidence.

When Sunita spots Karl taking money from the till she starts to wonder how serious his gambling habit is. As Stella asks questions about the missing notes Sunita follows Karl to the casino where she eyes the mountain of chips. As she wonders if the Rovers is paying for them, a riled Karl denies it

David’s incredulous as Kylie sets about home-schooling Max, insisting it can only end in disaster!

Also, Tina’s frustrated as Sean tries to play matchmaker between her and Tommy, asserting it would never work as he’s let her down too many times in the past.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Frank’s killer, Anne, has revealed herself and now she must make a dramatic and emotional attempt to leave the street.

As Sunita begs Karl to stop betting, he walks out of the casino refusing to discuss his gambling. Back at the pub Stella’s questioning the staff about the missing money when Karl walks in and admits he took it. He lies about needing it for car tyres which Stella seems to buy. But Sunita’s genuinely concerned for Karl and again asserts he has a problem.

Kylie realises home education isn’t easy when Max complains about missing his school friends, and she’s later flustered when Gail hands her piles of curriculum material to teach Max. Kylie decides to back down and talk to Brian about a return to school.

Also, Peter and Leanne row over custody of Simon; when Sean forces Tina to compile a plus and minus list about Tommy, she finally realises who the right man is for her.