Rosie breaks her promise to Pepper and tells Frazer about Ringo’s suspected eating disorder. Frazer tries to talk to Ringo, but he convinces his brother that Pepper was over-reacting. Frazer believes him but he’s forced to think again when he spots Ringo throwing up after a family dinner…

With Susan’s committal hearing looming, Toadie starts to feel the pressure and gets panic attacks during a meeting with the prosecutor, forcing him to leave the room. With no other option but to go to court for a full hearing, Toadie’s stress levels threaten to sabotage the entire case. He manages to keep his first panic attack from Steph but when he has a second attack alone in his office late at night he calls on her for help. Will Steph manage to sort out his stress?

Elle reveals to Paul and Oliver that she resigned because Sebastian Barnes was putting pressure on her to fire either one of them. They both offer to step down so that she can have her job back but Elle refuses, admitting she is excited about finding a new career.

Also, Ned and Janae have words with Mickey following his dangerous misadventure in the rubbish chest.

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