Fraser gets a new job

Frazer sticks to his promise about finding a new career and surprises Rosie by taking up taxi driving. While Rosie tries to remain supportive, it’s clear she has reservations about Frazer’s new job with its late night and weekend shifts.

Susan continues to believe that she should be punished for Bridget’s accident and sticks to her plan to plead guilty. Taking it badly, Zeke lays into Susan for her selfishness before storming out of the house. Later, Susan is worried when she learns Zeke and Rachel have skipped school to commemorate their dead mother’s birthday. But she feels bad when the kids explain that they have already lost a mum and dad, and now they’re losing their stepmother too. Will Susan change her mind?

Bridget is reluctant to go back to school with her walking frame but can’t cope without it. Humiliated, she tells her dad she’s not feeling well and wants to stay home. Steve is sympathetic and Rachel tries to reassure her that no one at school will give her a hard time but Bridget remains unconvinced. Rachel also realises that Bridget has unresolved issues with Declan, who Bridget still can’t face.