Fraser: I want the truth!

Frazer returns with Rosie to his home town to find out how his baby brother really died. His mother Prue warns Frazer not to stir up the past but Frazer demands the truth. Reluctantly, Prue reveals that Frazer’s baby brother Paul drowned on Christmas Day when Frazer was a toddler. But when Frazer learns that he stood by and watched Paul drown, he’s horrified to realise his parents blamed him for his brother’s death.

When Mickey claims he’s ill, Janae begs ex-doctor Karl to examine him. Karl declares Mickey is healthy and Ned realises that Mickey has been feeling under the weather since he overheard him say his mum wasn’t coming back. Ned promises to look after Mickey but admits to Janae that he’s terrified of being a single father. Janae reassures Ned, but she urges him to tell Mickey he’s his dad. Meanwhile, Susan guesses that Ned is Mickey’s father but Janae lies it’s not true.

Pepper admits to Adam that it was Steiger who made her think he was violent. After a night of passion with Adam, Pepper hopes that Steiger and her new man can reconcile their differences. But when Adam learns that Steiger is a cop, he freaks out and Steiger is left with a stronger suspicion that Adam is a criminal.