Fraser is forced to cover for Grace

Carmel is relieved that Jim is awake. Meanwhile, Fraser despairs at Grace’s rash actions and goes to see Jim, armed with a bag of hush money. Jim promises to keep quiet about Grace as long as Fraser frees him, but the gangster tells Jim the only way out of his world, is in a box. Fraser decides to send a warning and posts a DVD to the hospital, but when Sonny gets his hands on the package what will he find?

Jason’s terrified as he is held by the police and protests his innocence as Sam talks him through Maxine’s accusation of burglary. He’s further worried when Sam takes great delight in charging him.

Tegan is mortified when Leela sets her and Dodger up on a date, but Dodger thought the date was with Leela and things get off to a bad start.

Also, Maxine is left feeling that everything is her fault once again…