Fraser runs Sinead off the road!

Sinead, Diane and Finn are at Katy’s bedside and Finn wonders if his sister is to blame for Katy’s declining health. Lindsey’s concerned that Katy’s been poisoned and looks suspiciously at Sinead. Diane confirms Sinead hasn’t been near Katy in weeks but Finn tells Diane he let Sinead see the baby.

Later, the police issue Sinead with a court order preventing her from seeing Katy. But Sinead won’t listen and the police arrest her. Elsewhere, Leela panics when she realises she’s late for work and speeds down a country lane.

At the hospital, Lindsey is concerned when Katy’s breathing becomes abnormal so they take her for an x-ray. Sinead is released from custody and gets a worried phone call from Freddie. Desperate to get to the hospital, Sinead swipes some car keys.

Meanwhile, Fraser refuses to free Ste from the business so Ste takes a crate of the drug wine and plants it in the club, before calling the police. Fraser gets a warning from Marlow and puts the crate in his car but is caught by DS Sykes. As Sykes looks in the boot, Fraser clenches his fist. As Fraser frantically drives down the country lane to dump the drugs, he overtakes Leela and crashes into Sinead’s car. Panic sets in and Fraser drives off.