Frazer cannot convince Rosie to accept her baby is gone. Prue arrives to offer her support and suggests that Frazer and Rosie need time away to mend their relationship. Frazer wants to go to Italy but Rosie refuses, claiming another country won’t change her view on her pregnancy. When Frazer tries to get to the heart of Rosie’s denial, she shocks him by revealing that without a baby, she is convinced he cannot love her.

Riley is thrown during footy training when a bully from his past makes the team. Forced to deal with his childhood self-esteem issues, Riley tries to rise above Johnno’s taunting, but when pushed too far, their conflict ends in a ruckus on the oval. Unable to understand why Riley is so angry, Steve demands to know what’s up, but Riley refuses to come clean. However, things go badly wrong when his pent-up emotions leads to another confrontation, which ends in Riley facing assault charges.

Impressed with Sam’s continuing commitment to getting herself better, Dan feels he owes it to his wife to give their marriage another shot, and bravely tells Libby his decision. Trying to conceal her heartbreak, Libby invites Daniel and Samantha to dinner.