Fraud: How They Steal Your Bank Acount is an ITV documentary following a police unit tracking those responsible for online theft

Every day fraudsters steal 
£2million from UK bank accounts, and one in five of us has had 
a card stolen or compromised.

Fraud is Britain’s fastest growing crime and, in this film, it’s easy to see why.

Fraud: How they stole your bank account

Caught: Oleg Borta was arrested at Stanstead Airport by Detectives. Borta and his gang used sophisticated ATM card skimming equipment to steal the bank account details of 11,000 British victims and earned over £3 million. He was jailed in November 2015.

Among the cases followed are the hunt for a gang of Moldovan criminals who have flown into the UK to steal thousands from ATMs.

Plus, the bank employee illegally accessing customers’ accounts, and a gang racking up huge bills on stolen credit cards.

TV Times rating: ***