After the news that there is no baby, Frazer tries his best to reassure Rosie how much he loves her. Seeing how much he is hurting, Prue implores Rosie to help Frazer through his pain. Realising how much her attitude towards her pregnancy is affecting Frazer, Rosie decides to ask the doctor for a second ultrasound. Frazer and Rosie wait nervously for the results and they are thrilled when they hear their baby’s heartbeat.

Steve’s inability to get through to Riley causes him to lose his temper, prompting an upset Miranda to accuse him of becoming the man he hates. Crushed by her accusation and determined to get to the bottom of Riley’s behaviour, Steve finds an alternate way to get the answers he needs.

As Libby prepares for her dinner party, Steph and Samantha feel too awkward to attend and pull out. When Dan goes to tell Libby they won’t be coming, he sees how much trouble she’s gone to and decides to stay for a drink. Curious as to why he’s taking so long, Sam turns up and is upset when she sees Dan, Libby and Ben enjoying themselves through the window.