Frazer blames Carmella

Following the revelation about Carmella and Ringo, Rosie defends her sister but Frazer holds Carmella responsible for ruining Ringo’s life. Frazer tells Ringo that Carmella confessed her love for him in the heat of the moment, but Ringo refuses to believe him. Unable to avoid lovesick Ringo for long, Carmella prepares to tell Ringo the sorry truth, but is forced to wait when the doctor warns her against upsetting Ringo at such a critical time.

Feeling unable to leave Erinsborough to travel to Europe with Adam, Pepper thinks of another way to solve their immigration problems and proposes to a stunned Adam.

Following Caleb’s departure, sad Sky comes to the conclusion that baby Kerry needs to grow up nearer her dad, and Harold suggests she move to Port Douglas to be closer to Dylan. Wracked with guilt at the thought of leaving Harold, Sky turns to Susan for advice, and soon makes the painful decision to leave.

Also, Karl persuades Erinsborough’s new vet Steve to treat an anxiety problem with Audrey, but he’s horrified by the solution. And Susan and Miranda’s friendship continues to blossom.