Frazer comes to the rescue

Wheelchair bound Frazer manages to save drowning Mickey and in the aftermath of the ordeal, is stunned to recall he actually used his legs during the adrenalin fuelled rescue. The thought of no longer being permanently immobile fills Frazer with confusion and disbelief, but he refuses to discuss his discovery with anyone.

After an anxious wait, Mickey is given the all clear but Ned panics that he’s incapable of looking after his son so considers sending him to his brother in Sydney. With Janae’s encouragement, Ned finally reveals he is Mickey’s dad at last. Fearing Mickey may reject him, Ned is overwhelmed when his son begins to embrace the possibility of a new life with his dad. Meanwhile, Janae starts to see Ned in a new light – could she finally be falling for him?

Purposely avoiding Steiger, Adam lies to Pepper, arousing her suspicions. Later, Adam admits lying, but manages to avoid confessing details of his shady past. Unimpressed with Adam’s dishonesty, Pepper leaves him.

Also, Toadie soothes Steph’s anxiety as she prepares to launch her new bar Charlie’s.