Frazer has a bad day

When Rosie collapses at work, frantic Frazer accidentally runs over Toadie’s dog, Bob, on his way to reach her, and leaves the scene with inadequate excuses, prompting the Parker’s outrage. After walking out on Steph, Toadie’s mood goes from bad to worse because of Bob’s accident.

Later, at the vet practice, Rosie helps Frazer face his critics by announcing she is pregnant. But despite her health scare, Rosie is reluctant to slow down, leaving Carmella to try and make her see sense. Meanwhile, Bob pulls through surgery, as Steph decides she needs time out and leaves town for a while – and Toadie is forced to face the implications of a life without Steph.

Despite Marco’s opposition, Oliver and Mia decide to pursue their relationship, unable to keep a lid on their attraction to each other.

Also, as the class action case progresses, Rebecca receives some disturbing information that could incriminate Steph.

And Libby finds herself caught in the middle of Toadie and Steph’s problems.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 26*

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