Frazer has a plan

After Rosie commits herself to the dance party class action case, which she won’t be able to see through to the end, due to her pregnancy, desperate Frazer tells Rosie he will raise the baby alone if she can’t deal with being a mum.

Mia and Marco argue over the end of his relationship with his ex-wife Marissa, with Marco refusing to admit he still loves her. With the knowledge that Marco can’t have kids, Mia tries to cool Oliver’s curiosity in her brother’s secret. But she only manages to provoke his determination to unmask Marco. Meanwhile, Marco is struggling to keep his infertility secret from Carmella.

Steve and Miranda realise that their constant arguing is having a negative effect on Bridget when Riley points out that the reason his sister wants to join the class action case, is because she sees it as a solution to their marriage crisis. Miranda suggests sacrificing her career to make a go of Steve’s business to help heal the rift.

Also, the teens’ discussion about the roof collapse class action, reaffirms Karl and Susan’s decision to credit their kids with more maturity.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 14*

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