Frazer is riled by Lucia’s interference

Still annoyed at Lucia’s earlier warnings to Rosie not to marry a disabled man, Frazer is miffed at Lucia’s intention to organise the wedding. Although he resolves to win her respect, Frazer gets even more irked when he learns Lucia is planning a wedding extravaganza, and Rosie is really keen on the idea.

Ned worries that he can’t live up to Mickey’s idea of a perfect dad so shrinks from telling him the truth. Help comes unexpectedly from Paul who accompanies father and son to a footy match, and a newly optimistic Ned decides to come clean to his son at last.

Faulty electrical wiring causes a potentially lethal situation at number 30 with a dodgy underwater pool light. Wheelchair bound Frazer can only sit back and watch as Mickey touches a bird that has died in the water and is electrocuted. Can Frazer save Mickey?

Although he’s dumbstruck by Napier’s confession, Oliver refuses to believe him. But Elle decides to take matters into her own hands and organises an illegal DNA test. Later, guilty Elle confesses all to a surprised Oliver, who can’t resist the chance to find out the truth.

Also, despite putting a brave face on it, Karl continues to struggle with his father’s slide into dementia.