Rosie lays into Milly for not visiting Frazer in hospital and Milly is forced to admit to Frazer that she doesn’t love him enough to help him through his recovery. Things go from bad to worse when Frazer learns he could be permanently disabled. Full of self-pity and unable to handle his feelings for Rosie, Frazer accuses her of seeing him as a charity case and tells her to stay away from him.

Shocked Karl reacts with anger at Susan’s news about the baby but soon comes round to her point of view. Susan asks him not to make contact with Izzy, but acting on Toadie’s advice, Karl calls her. Later, he informs Susan that Izzy doesn’t want him involved in Holly’s upbringing. Susan is relieved but Karl feels far from satisfied.

Elle is stunned to learn how Ned set Dylan and Carmella up in order to break up her relationship, while Ned is furious when Elle reveals Paul invented his gambling debt. Fuming, Elle resolves to return to Ramsay Street to get revenge on her dad, and Ned offers his assistance.

Still believing Paul is her secret admirer, Pepper asks Paul on a date to start a proper relationship, against Rosie’s advice.