Frazer stops competing for Rosie

As Frazer and Paul prepare for the second round of dates with Rosie, Pepper shows Paul Rosie’s list of pros and cons about her suitors, hoping that seeing his bad points will make him withdraw from the contest. But she’s surprised when Paul is fired up by the criticism. On the other hand, Frazer’s gutted when he sees what Rosie thinks about him. And on their date, he finds it so difficult to meet Rosie’s expectations, he decides to withdraw from the contest.

Bree and Dylan are alarmed to wake up to find Steiger making breakfast in their kitchen, but manage to keep their shock to themselves much to Janelle’s relief. But Janelle’s happiness doesn’t last and she’s upset when Steiger fails to publicly acknowledge her in front of his work mates at the Scarlet Bar. Seeing Janelle at a low ebb, Paul offers her one million dollars for her family’s share of Lassiter’s.

Dylan feels sidelined by Harold who is busy researching schools for baby Kerry. Dylan later takes Kerry on an outing but worries when he fails to settle his daughter, and questions his ability as a dad when doting Harold is later able to immediately calm the baby.

Zeke spots a mysterious teenage boy lurking in Ramsay Street and tries to confront him, but the boy escapes.