Frazer tells Ringo about Carmella

Rosie tries to come to terms with Carmella’s pregnancy, and reveals the news to Frazer who is at his mum’s house with Ringo, adding that it looks like Ringo is the father. Ringo freaks out at hearing the news, and leaves the house, to go wild with some old school mates. It’s left to Frazer to find his brother who breaks down, revealing he isn’t the baby’s dad as he couldn’t make love to Carmella.

Meanwhile, Carmella fears she may have harmed her unborn child due to her unhealthy lifestyle and waits for the results of an ultrasound. Rosie realises that Oliver, not Ringo, is the baby’s dad, and she unites with her sister. Both are relieved when the ultrasound is positive.

Although the Kennedy-Parker dinner is a success, Steve and Susan urge Karl to confront Christian about the drug test findings. Karl’s boss reassures him that the dodgy drugs are confined to one batch in a small area of the city. But when mysterious gifts begin to turn up for Karl and Steve, they wonder if they are onto something bigger than first suspected.

Also, Zeke and Bridget bond over their shared passion for football. But when Bridget turns up for a training session with Zeke’s footy team, he discovers his mates don’t want a girl joining them.