Freddie blackmails Browning?

Mercedes questions the scratch on her fiance’s face as her wedding day draws near, which he got from a frightened Lindsey. Lindsey goes to confront Browning at work and is relieved to find his office empty. Meanwhile, he lays flowers at Lynsey’s grave. They bump into each other at the hospital and when Browning threatens Lindsey’s career if she tells anyone, she threatens to tell Mercedes the truth. She tells Freddie instead, who gets CCTV evidence from the hotel. He blackmails Browning to clear their debt – but Browning won’t be manipulated that easily.

Against all odds, Diane goes to see Sinead and they clear the air, but she’s put out when Myra turns up and when talk turns to Bart not being Katy’s father, Myra overhears…

Myra is desperate to get Phoebe back on side and gives in to letting Vincent stay with them.

Also, the walls close in on Freddie.