Freddie shocks everyone when he tells Sinead he’s booked their wedding for next week. As they celebrate he can’t help, but look at Lindsey; it’s clear he’s doing this to get over her and she knows it. Meanwhile, Fraser attempts to buy Freddie off so Freddie and Jim team up to bring down him down.

Patrick suspends John Paul following Diane’s worried phone call. When Diane confronts the teacher in the deli, Ste puts his foot in it by telling them Finn was on drugs and John Paul was only trying to help. Patrick makes Finn apologise to his teacher and signs him up for canteen duty prompting Finn to get revenge.

Carmel is grateful when she sees an envelope from Chloe, containing the money she gave her for the baby. However, her happiness turns to horror when she finds Jim and Theresa in bed together. Jim is equally mortified and confused – what happened? Nana McQueen exposes Theresa’s trap and Carmel vows to fight dirty to get revenge.

Also, Ste reaches a difficult decision with the help and support of Leela.