Freddie’s concerned by Sandy’s secretive behaviour and is increasingly suspicious about Fraser. When he finds a receipt for red roses to be delivered to Frankie, he confronts her, forcing Sandy to confess she is getting married on Christmas day.

Ste is furious about his kiss with John Paul and tells the teacher to stay away from him. Plagued with guilt, Ste makes a decision that rocks the Lomaxes world when he tells them that he’s moving out.

Carmel struggles to hide her true feelings towards Theresa as she watches Theresa with Kathleen-Angel, full of resentment at the fact that Theresa has what she can’t have.

Elsewhere, Frankie has had enough of Ruby’s attitude towards her and tells the teen to visit Nancy to see what real problems are like. Ruby is taken aback by Darren’s emotion as he spoon feeds his wife mushed food. Ruby is forced to choose between honesty and her family.