It’s Freddie’s birthday and Sinead’s feeling threatened by Lindsey and is desperate to out-do her. So she decides she’s going to throw Freddie a surprise party. Elsewhere, Mercedes realises there’s more to Lindsey and Freddie’s relationship than meets the eye and advises her friend to leave Hollyoaks. Lindsey rings Joe to tell him about her decision to leave, but Sinead has his phone and texts her saying she’s doing the right thing, before destroying the phone. At home, Freddie tells Lindsey that if she’s leaving, he’s going with her, unaware Sinead and the family is waiting in the darkness to surprise him. Sinead has gone to Diane and Tony’s, while Sandy questions Freddie about whether Lindsey’s baby is his.

A nervous Diane, Tony, Finn and Ste prepare for the grand opening of The Hutch restaurant. Ste is frustrated with Tony’s pompous attitude and when Tony berates his partner for signing for the wrong order of stock, Ste can’t take anymore. With some harsh words from Diane, Tony is persuaded that they need to work as a team and he apologises to Ste – they’re back in business.