Freddie gets his hands on Mercedes!

Trevor wants Darren to help him bring Mercedes back to the village. Darren secretly calls Freddie, leaving clues revealing who he’s with and where they are. As Darren stalls Trevor, Freddie grabs Mercedes and takes her to the Roscoes’ garage where he tells her to leave for good. Meanwhile, Joe’s shocked when Lindsey says she thinks marrying Freddie will be a mistake then runs off. When Joe finds out this was all a ploy to get him to chase after her and leave the garage empty for Freddie and Mercedes, Joe’s out for revenge…

Later, Phoebe comes into the garage and is stunned to see Mercedes. Porsche’s furious when she comes face-to-face with her ‘dead’ cousin and slaps her. Mercedes later bumps into Trevor, who tells her he’s going to kill Phoebe if she doesn’t hand herself in.

Since Ste’s HIV diagnosis, he and John Paul have not had sex. When John Paul tells Ste he’d be willing to take anti-viral drugs so they can sleep together, Ste gets angry – he doesn’t understand why John Paul would go through the unpleasant side-effects of taking the drugs to rush them into having sex.

Also, when Maxine tells Darren she’s happy to give their relationship another go as long as he has no more to do with Trevor, Darren insists he won’t.