Freddie knocks Don unconscious

The intruder in Sinead’s flat turns out to be DS Trent’s dad and he wants to know where his son is. Sinead locks herself in the bathroom but Don gets in. Freddie knocks him over the head with a hairdryer and they worry when blood starts pouring from his head. Lindsey rushes to the rescue and treats Don – he’s still breathing but Freddie doesn’t want the police involved. When Don has a seizure, Freddie has to take him to hospital where Don promises to make Sinead pay, knowing she’s got something to do with his son’s disappearance.

Lindsey is furious with Freddie for dragging her into all this and decides to phone social services about Katy. Meanwhile, Freddie tells Sinead he’s going to hand himself in and take Trevor down with him…

Sandy can’t handle what Fraser has been keeping from her about his wealth and storms off. Later, he tries to make it up to her by bringing her a takeaway.

Danny promises to make Robbie pay for the way he treated John Paul and puts him in detention. He plants his wallet in Robbie’s bag and threatens to report him like he threatened to do to John Paul. However, Robbie hits the jackpot when he spies his teachers going into the Brady’s old flat together.