Freddie sets up Rick for a fall

Freddie is annoyed when Grace gives Rick a job as doorman at The Loft, while Mercedes finds out Grace is bribing the judge at her trial. Freddie asks Joe to help him get rid of Rick for good and sets Rick up to steal from The Loft. He watches as a hooded figure breaks into the club, but when the police arrive after Freddie’s call, it’s Robbie they arrest and not Rick as Freddie had planned.

Dirk and Holly question why Cindy didn’t go to see Hilton. Cindy is on edge after her mystery visitor, though she can’t help but allow herself a small smile when she keeps getting texts from them. She confides in Mercedes who tells her she should stick with Dirk as he is a genuine guy that loves her.

Mercedes is stunned when she finds out Nana is in debt. When Sonny gives Carmel £1000 to put down a deposit on a wedding venue, Nana’s eyes light up. She takes the envelope out of Carmel’s bag, but immediately feels guilty and hesitates.