Freddie resigns himself to the fact that the only thing to do is tell Joe the truth about him and Lindsey. Joe feels betrayed when he realises his mum knew everything. Freddie turns up at the garage and Joe’s Hulk rage emerges. He punches his brother. Ziggy and Lindsey arrive and Ziggy rugby tackles Joe away from Freddie. Grace turns up and reveals Joe is handing the garage over to her, which Joe confirms before saying he’s leaving.

Lindsey begs Joe to listen to her and lies that she didn’t sleep with Freddie, but confides the truth in Sandy. Joe goes home and makes Sandy choose – him or Freddie.

Elsewhere, Sinead makes a pass at Sonny but he rejects her. Sinead crosses Lindsey, Joe and Freddie off her revenge list but there’s still three more to go: Diane, Tony and Finn…

Sienna and Leela turn up at Sophie’s house and are invited in by her adoptive mum, Denise. Denise tells Sienna that ‘Caroline’ ran away a year ago. Furious, Sienna leaves and Patrick emerges from Denise’s kitchen and pays her for lying.