Ste is hungover and Leah and Lucas are fending for themselves. Leah innocently phones the police and Ste begs Sonny not to tell Social Services. Later, Grace tell Ste that she’s collecting the shipment instead and he urges Freddie to think of something else quick. Mercedes manages to convince Grace to go to Fraser’s funeral to get her out of the way and Freddie is delighted when Grace asks Ste to do the pick-up again.

Diane begs Tony not to go to the police so instead, he takes Finn to see Blessing. However, Tony walks in just as Finn is threatening her and decides to report him. Sonny arrives at Tony’s flat and Diane lies for her stepson but Tony refuses. Tony pleads with Diane to hand the laptop to the police. She doesn’t and it looks like Tony and Diane are on the rocks again.

Sandy urges Darren to get his results. Instead, Darren gets drunk in the pub. Ziggy calls for help when he finds Darren lying on the floor in the toilets after a cardiac arrest.

Also, Jack is furious when he sees Frankie and Ziggy flirting. He asks Leela to help him get fit but asks Ziggy to do the same and sets the two love birds up.