As Freddie wakes up on the couch in The Dog flat, and is caught by Mac, elsewhere, Lindsey puts her name on someone else’s ultrasound scan picture. Jason’s angry with Joe for sending Freddie away and tells his brother that, if Freddie can’t be at his wedding, then neither can he! Later, Joe spots Freddie trying to fix his car and helps. As they decide to put their differences aside, Lindsey’s heart sinks when Joe brings Freddie home.

Meanwhile, Nico is ill but has to do a book report at school. She hasn’t prepared, so Alfie gives her a bluetooth headset so he can feed information about the book to her during her presentation. Unfortunately, she’s busted when Mrs St Claire tells her to take off the headscarf she’s wearing.

Trevor confronts Darren about his attack but there’s crossed wires when Darren thinks he’s angry about his fling with Grace. As Trevor bumps into Freddie, he realises that, if the police are capable of framing him for murder, then they could have attacked him.

Also, Ben’s nervous about his disciplinary and later learns he’s been demoted to PC. And it looks like Ellie might have a crush on Freddie!