Katherine reports Adam�s kidnapping to the police but they don�t seem to want to know, believing she only wants revenge on Wayne. Realising the situation, Katherine tells Dylan to pack � they�re going to leave. She then goes to tell Bree that she won�t be able to help with the catering for Bob and Lee�s commitment ceremony but, when she returns home, Wayne is waiting for her and takes her prisoner.

Ellie calls Gabrielle for one last favour: to bring her a teddy bear she left behind in her room. Suspecting it�s full of drugs, Gaby opens it up and finds it�s stuffed with cash. Ellie realises she has discovered the stashed money and turns up at the house but Gaby has called the police. Following a struggle, Ellie runs to Katherine�s house where she comes face to face with an armed Wayne. She grabs a knife but Wayne shoots her dead!

Bree is annoyed to discover that Katherine is still around and could have helped with the catering. She walks straight into Katherine�s house to confront her and quickly becomes Wayne�s second hostage.

Meanwhile, Adam has escaped from his captivity and races to the house where he defeats Wayne in a fight. Katherine holds the gun on Wayne but, when he threatens to come after her, she calmly shoots him in the chest, killing him instantly.

It’s now five years after the shooting incident and Katherine is fully part of the social scene of Wisteria Lane. Orson is back with Bree, who’s now a successful cookbook author, and Gaby and Carlos have two young daughters. Dylan is engaged, and when Susan arrives home, it’s not Mike she greets with a kiss…

*Last in the Series*