Freya and Kevin are at death’s door!

Freya is dreading the day ahead as she has to confess about lying to get Patti on the drug trial. Heston’s shocked, but supportive. Freya is heartbroken as she tells Patti she’s no longer on the drugs trial.

As Kevin pulls a sickie to stay with Michaela, Freya confesses all to Howard and is shocked by how cold and detached he is. He suggests it might be better to jump rather than be pushed.

Mandy can’t believe that Freya handed in her notice without talking it through with her. They end up rowing and Freya gets Michaela’s address out of Mandy’s phone and storms out to have it out with Kevin.

Meanwhile, Michaela wakes up leaving Kevin in bed. As she tidies up, she knocks a lamp over and the bulb is up against the curtain. As she has a bath, Michaela doesn’t notice the smoke coming under the door…

As Freya pulls up to find the house on fire, an upstairs window explodes. Freya gets Michaela safely out to a paramedic then, with the fire raging, goes back for an unconscious Kevin.

As she tries to get Kevin to safety, the ceiling collapses and Freya shields Kevin. They are both removed from the house by the firefighters and rushed to St Phil’s, but Kevin crashes in the ambulance.

At St Phil’s, Mrs Tembe’s horrified to see Kevin and Freya barely conscious. They are placed in beds next door to one another on their arrival and there is a heart monitor between them although it’s unclear whose is whose. At that moment, one heart monitor flatlines…