Freya confesses to Kevin

Freya’s nervous about telling the truth about Patti. She plucks up the courage to tell Kevin, who’s furious, saying she has messed everything up for him. Kevin goes straight to see Howard, who’s fuming that Freya has jeopardised the future of the trial and the reputation of the practice. Howard believes Freya is a liability and is determined to get rid of her.

Karen is eager that Imogen is fully prepared for her exam when they pick up a message, the venue has been moved to Wolverhampton. Desperate Karen phones all her colleagues but eventually has to call Zara who instantly says no, Karen butters her up and it works. Annoyed, Zara picks up Imogen who is feeling despondent about her chances.

Zara insists on using sat nav however it is stuck on Chinese, they get lost and just make it to the exam on time. Zara’s cutting remarks about Imogen’s subject choices actually fire her up for the exam. Zara says to thank her she can babysit while she goes shopping this afternoon.

Also, when a stranger suffering from dementia turns up in a patient’s garden, she believes it’s her long-lost father. However, Elaine discovers it may not be that straightforward.