Freya is playing games to attract Xavier’s attention. After an altercation with Ruby, Freya sits on Xavier’s lap and tears his shirt, which infuriates him. On Xavier’s first day at school, Freya gives him the ‘hot list’ they’ve created: rating how hot people are. Bartlett spots her and she scarpers, leaving Xavier to take the flak.

Xavier bins the hot list but, when Ruby sees it, the list is soon made public. Ruby is outraged that she’s not even rated, but Xavier insists it’s out of respect. He admits he likes both her and Freya, but the bottom line is, he’s with Freya. Ruby’s left hurt again.

Meanwhile, Nicole had thought Freya liked her, so when she is rated ‘thinks she’s hot’, she confronts Freya. Freya says she thinks Nicole actually is hot and to prove her point she snogs Nicole in front of everyone, including an unimpressed Bartlett!

Leah’s 30th birthday party is tonight and Rachel asks Tony for help, to cheer him up. But his negativity won’t lift and Rachel is disappointed that even Leah doesn’t feel like celebrating. Leah just wants a small celebration and not a big fat Greek 30th, but with her family involved, will she get what she wants?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 3*

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