Freya learns the hard way

Cherry is excited, making plans for moving house. Zara tells Freya if she passes her exams the job at The Mill is hers. However, Zara is in a horrendous mood and Freya’s incessant questioning drives her mad and she has a go at her. Zara is then outraged that Daniel goes behind her back to arrange for Freya to shadow Cherry.

Their first house call is to Caroline and her daughter Lucy, who is partially sighted following a car accident. Lucy claims to have no improvement with her sight and, later, Lucy tells Freya how the accident happened: Caroline’s boyfriend offered to teach her to drive because he wanted her. She tried to fight him off, but he got angry and she lost control of the car.

Caroline tells Cherry about the anger she feels towards Lucy for taking the man who loved her away from her. Cherry and Caroline are shocked when Freya tells them what Lucy has revealed, but Caroline refuses to believe it of Neil. Freya lashes out at Caroline disgusted that she doesn’t believe her daughter.

As Freya realises Lucy has been lying about how much she can see, tragedy strikes…

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