Freya wants Lynette to press charges

Lynette Patterson wakes in the women’s refuge and sees 13 missed calls from husband Jason. A text tells her to ‘get home now or I’ll come after you’. Meanwhile, Jason storms into the Campus demanding to see Zara and Freya, but Mrs Tembe makes him sit down and wait while also holding Daniel back from making things worse. Spotting his moment, Jason pushes into the consulting room.

Aggressive and worked up, he demands to know where his wife is and protests his innocence, claiming that Lynette is a drama queen who’s enjoying the attention. Later, that afternoon Zara finds Freya on the phone to the police, making an official complaint and exaggerating the severity of the incident. She cancels the call before lecturing Freya about impartiality and professionalism.

Later, Freya visits Lynette at the refuge and finds her miserable and desperate to go home; her resolve is waning and she tries to say Jason didn’t mean it. Lynette wants to retract her statement, but Freya makes her promise to sleep on it, and she leaves confident. But once she’s gone, Lynette calls the police and tells them she is dropping the charges, before she packs to leave.

And Imogen has an eventful first day of Community Service.

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