Freya worries that Patti will reveal all

Freya confesses to Mandy that she lied on Patti’s application form for the drug’s trial. It’s the first day of the trial and Kevin’s surprised when Freya turns up at the hospital. Freya goes looking for Patti and is shocked to find her aunt having a cigarette. Patti doesn’t know if she can keep quiet about their relationship or the smoking.

Freya tries to observe as Patti lies to Kevin about when she stopped smoking. Howard arrives and makes Freya leave. Freya comes back to speak to Patti and, when she nearly lets slip that they know each other, Freya realises how much of a liability she is.

Meanwhile, Cherry shows a bemused Karen and Elaine the personalised teddy bear she has got for Jimmi’s birthday. When she admits she has no idea what else to get him, Elaine suggests asking him and then he’s guaranteed to be happy with it!

Jimmi announces he wants a runner’s watch but when he catches Cherry sneering about it he’s furious with her. Cherry has to quickly backtrack and promises to get him the best one.

Also, Mandy confronts a money lender when she gets drawn in by a young mother struggling to keep her head above water.