Freya’s upset at her appearance in Letherbridge Life and wants Julia to know she’s committed to her job. When a patient, Natasha, wants to discuss her sexuality with her, Freya has an open discussion about bi-sexuality. Natasha then turns on Freya, saying her way of life is a sinful one.

As Freya tries to get her to leave, Natasha hurls biblical quotes at her in reception. As Julia gets Natasha to leave, Freya returns to her office and breaks down. Julia goes to make sure she’s fine, and to remind her that GPs remain anonymous for a reason, and that Freya’s blog makes her vulnerable.

Zara is shocked when Aliona hands in her notice. But it’s not Joe that’s the problem – it’s Zara! Aliona says she knows about the Nanny Cam that Zara set up, and even though she cares about Joe Zara really is too much.

Aliona leaves with immediate effect and Zara doesn’t go into work. Trying to find a new nanny, however, proves rather problematic. Daniel returns home and suggests he take some extra leave. Zara likes the idea, but as she tells him the best way to look after Joe, he starts to doubt his actions.

When a patient refuses treatment Kevin is drawn into a family torn apart by gang culture.