Doing some early morning blogging, Freya considers the division of labour within a heterosexual relationship and whether she and Mandy avoid those stereotypes. Later at The Mill, Cherry is annoyed that Freya has criticised her dinner party on the blog; Freya defends it by saying it’s anonymous, but Cherry has planted seeds of doubt.

Later, when Mandy tells Freya she’s quit her temp job and wants to take Cherry up on her offer of working at The Mill, they ponder the idea of living and working together. Mandy says that Freya’s passion is what she loves about her.

Cherry cools down when Elaine tells her she must give her the nut roast recipe from the dinner party having read it on the blog. Elaine also compliments Freya on the blog after learning her niece reads it. When Freya blogs later she ponders at what point in a relationship does the art of compromise become compromising?

Meanwhile, Zara and Kevin encounter trouble at a mother and toddler group.