Eager to impress, Freya is in early when she takes a call from Chanda Malik about Marcus Tidwell. Freya finds out that Chanda spoke to Dr Tyler last week, but she was not given the message. When she checks back, Freya realises she did make a mistake with Marcus and tries to call Kevin, but he doesn’t answer.

Freya goes over to The Campus, where Kevin is probing Daniel for information about the competition between him and Freya. As she tries to earwig their conversation she gets roped into wedding dress talk with Cherry. Later, Freya catches up with Kevin, who says he would never have made a mistake like that.

Cameron finds Mrs Tembe cleaning the graffiti off her wall and grabs a brush to help. The pair bond and Mrs Tembe makes Cameron some lunch while Trevor’s at work. Cameron is hungry, so Mrs Tembe offers to teach him how to cook the stew. Later they have a playful water fight and Mrs Tembe actually enjoys herself.

Also, Heston has a tinge of jealousy when his patient tells him about his blind date in a teashop. Should he arrange a date for himself?