Mandy is nervous about her first day at The Mill, but Freya reassures her. As Julia introduces Mandy to the gang, Cherry mentions her birthday tomorrow and Freya and Mandy realise they’ve forgotten. They cover and Freya goes to her blog for ideas, then they’ll let Cherry pick one. Cherry’s intrigued…

However, once she’s seen the blog, Cherry’s furious that Freya has made her crush on Cherry public. Mandy is annoyed that Freya never told her, leaving Freya in the doghouse with both her best friends.

Meanwhile, Jack attends the university law recruitment fair where he’s instantly smitten with American student Kelly. Eager to impress, Jack hangs around a flash sports car and pretends to Kelly that he’s a dotcom millionaire having set up his own legal networking website. Kelly’s taken in!

Later, Jack invites Kelly to dinner at ‘his place’ in Kingsvale, where Jack turns the house into a bachelor pad and orders lobster. When Kelly arrives it’s obvious neither knows how to eat it – so a pizza goes in the oven.

When Jack hears Karen arriving to measure up for curtains, he shuffles Kelly upstairs claiming Karen’s his business partner. Jack manages to throw Karen off the scent before heading back upstairs, where things heat up with Kelly…

Also, Mandy encounters a face from the past.