Freya’s sister arrives in Letherbridge

Mandy calls in sick asking Chris if you can hallucinate without having a fever, only she thought she saw her late, ex-girlfriend Freya last night. Chris claims Mandy is probably just nervous about starting to date again. Later, Mandy’s feeling better when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it and is stunned to see a woman just like Freya on the doorstep. Shocked, Mandy drops her mug and nearly passes out. The woman is Lois, Freya’s sister!

Mandy has never met Lois, who didn’t attend Freya’s funeral as she was travelling. But she misses her and wanted to come to Letherbridge to see what her life was like and to meet Mandy after hearing so much about her. Mandy likes being with someone who has all the memories of Freya AND looks like her. Later, Lois asks Mandy if she can stay for a few nights. Mandy looks nervy at first but soon agrees, claiming she’d love nothing more.

Struggling to stay awake as Mrs Tembe practices her presentation for the Practice Management course, Heston suggests she find herself a gimmick. Mrs Tembe tries comedy, but can’t remember the punch lines, then tries magic with little success. Mrs Tembe balks at Chris’s suggestion to do a rap but he later catches her secretly practicing a rap, which she then throws in the bin thinking it’s rubbish.

Later, Chris calls everyone into the staff room and hands Mrs Tembe her crumpled rap, telling her to practice on her willing audience. She’s reluctant but Chris and Mr Tembe perform the rap together to much hilarity!

When an impatient Zara doesn’t honour an old woman’s dying wish, a strange set of events occur which cause Zara to question both her actions, and her sanity!