Las Vegas teen Anton Yelchin comes to suspect that his new neighbour Colin Farrell is a vampire in this toothsome remake of the 1985 horror comedy.

With his girlfriend (Imogen Poots) and mom (Toni Collette) both at threat of getting it in the neck, Yelchin turns to flamboyant stage magician and late-night TV host David Tennant for help – but he proves far from useful…

This entertaining yarn delivers a wicked mix of laughs and scares. The storytelling is a bit clumsy in places, but the film’s new setting is inspired. Las Vegas, a city that comes alive at night, is the prefect place for a vampire to hang out.

The casting’s spot on, too. Tennant has campy fun as the outwardly swaggering but inwardly nervy illusionist and Farrell really gets his teeth into the role of the menacingly seductive bloodsucker.