Aaron’s biggest fear is that the Dingle clan will find out he’s gay. He thinks his mum Chas will use it as another reason to give up on him and his uncle Cain, who he looks up to, will disown him. So when Paddy tells Aaron that Adam knows he’s gay he unwittingly lights the blue touch paper… Terrified of being outed, Aaron punches Jackson when he touches him in The Woolpack. Villagers gossip about Aaron’s homophobic attack but Paddy knows different. And when Jackson has Aaron arrested for assault, he’s convinced everyone’s going to find out his secret…

One truth that definitely comes out is that Carl’s kids, Thomas and Anya, don’t really want to live with him, they want to be with their mum. They don’t want to hurt Carl so they tell Chas how they feel. But when she tells Carl he accuses her of changing their minds.

Meanwhile, in the sweet world of Jai and Nikhil, they’re chewing over Natasha’s investment proposition. She wants a quick answer but they want an associate to look at the plans. Will they throw Natasha a lifeline?

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